What Is An Instructor's Edition Textbook?

What is an Instructor's Edition textbook? An Instructor's Edition, which is the same as an Instructor's Review Copy, is a textbook that is provided at no cost to college professors from the textbook's publisher. The publisher provides these textbooks to college professors for them to review, submit any feedback, and also to decide if they want to use the textbook in their class. These books will have the words "Instructor's Edition" or " Instructor's Review Copy" printed on the front and back covers along with the words "Not for Resale". A lot of times, a college bookstore or reseller will cover these words with tape and/or stickers. "Used Book" stickers are common on these types of books. Also, a smaller yellow sticker may also be placed on the book that states "Used Book. This book was originally distributed as a sample copy by the publisher for academic review. All chapters and pages are included". Tape and stickers on the front and back covers of a textbook is a red flag that the book is an Instructor's edition. These types of books are very difficult to resell as the majority of online websites and textbook buyback websites do not allow these books to be sold.

Mybookcart.com does not purchase Instructor's Editions or Instructor's Review Copies. Please be sure to carefully check your textbooks to verify they are not Instructor's Editions or Instructor's Review Copies prior to selling your textbooks.