Traveling During Your College Break

It's officially summer and final exams are finished. You've had a grueling two semesters of studying, tests, and exams. It's now time for a well deserved vacation. Here are some ways to potentially save money while enjoying some rest and relaxation:

  1. If you are flying to your destination, sign up for the airline's rewards program to earn miles. If you accumulate enough miles, you may be able to apply them towards a future free flight to certain locations. Here are a couple links to commonly used airline's rewards programs and information regarding their rules/regulations:
    American Airlines: aadvantage
    United Airlines: mileageplus
    Once you sign up always remember to enter your rewards number when purchasing your airline tickets. If you are wondering how many points you need to accumulate for a free ticket, go to the airline's website and log into your rewards account. Do a search for booking with rewards miles, and they will display how many rewards points you need to purchase the flight. There may also be a small dollar amount owed on top of the rewards points. Before you leave on your flight, make sure to remember to bring your Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Dark Blue. A neck pillow is an essential travel item if you want to get any sleep on an airplane.
    *as always, read any rewards programs terms and conditions, rules and regulations and legal information before joining.
  2. Split the cost of your stay with friends or family. Today, there are more options than staying in a hotel room while on vacation. Two popular websites, HomeAway and VRBO, allow you to rent a whole house. For example, by renting a two bedroom house and splitting the cost with a friend or family member, you may potentially reduce the cost of your stay. Be sure to read the reviews left by others who stayed at the property to reduce the risk of any surprises. A deposit will most likely have to be made, and a cleaning fee may be required. Thoroughly read through the rental rates information before reserving your stay.
  3. Rent your car. If you are driving to your destination and you'll be driving for a long distance, you may want to rent a car to get to your destination. This will prevent any wear and tear on your daily driver. If you are a Costco member, you may have the benefit of some of the best rental car rates.
  4. Prepare your own meals. If you decided to book a house for your vacation, you now have the additional bonus of being able to cook your own meals. Stop by a grocery store and spend less for your food. Of course, many students prefer to eat out on their well-deserved break, but if you are someone who enjoys cooking, then save money as well. Nothing beats a good home-cooked meal while enjoying a nice view.

Enjoy your vacation as the summer break won't last. Pretty soon you'll be back in college for fall semester hitting the books again. Take a well deserved vacation to reduce the stress of school and go back rested and recharged.