Loose Leaf Textbooks

There are many advantages to purchasing a loose leaf textbook for a college class. The biggest factor for students when it comes to textbooks is cost. Many times, a loose leaf textbook will be cheaper than their hardcover or softcover counterparts. Loose leaf textbooks are also sold as bundles, where a new textbook is packaged with a new access code, providing students with the convenience of print and online studying. Loose leaf textbooks are put into a three-ring binder. Pages can then be removed or added, providing ease of use, as the whole textbook does not need to be carried in a backpack.

One drawback to buying loose leaf textbooks is that most college bookstores don't buy them back during textbook buyback. However, one online textbook buyback company does buy loose leaf textbooks - Mybookcart.com. When it comes to selling back loose leaf textbooks, it is important to use the correct ISBN number. The correct ISBN number is located on the front or back cover of the loose leaf textbook above the barcode. If the ISBN number of the copyright page is used, it is most likely for the incorrect binding type. Mybookcart.com will state "Loose Leaf" in the bibliographic data on the offers page. If it states Hardcover or Paperback on Mybookcart.com's offer page, the wrong ISBN was typed in.

When it comes to selling loose leaf textbooks, the three ring binder does not need to be included when selling back the textbook. If sold to an online textbook buyback company like Mybookcart.com, remove the pages from the binder and secure the pages with large rubber bands, large clip, or saran wrap. Saran wrap is an excellent way to wrap up the pages and to keep them secure during shipment. If the loose leaf textbook is mailed in still in a binder, the pages can tear during shipment.

Once Mybookcart.com receives your textbook in the mail, a "Received" email will be sent. Once the textbook buyback is marked "Received", it takes about 2-4 business days for the buyback to be processed and payment issued. Payment is issued by check or PayPal - the payment method is selected during the buyback checkout process. Mybookcart.com will provide a pre-paid shipping label, so all books ship for free for all customers. The shipping label is printed at the end of the buyback checkout process.