Save Money On Coffee While In College

Young adults typically start drinking coffee while attending college. Late night study sessions are fueled by a cup of coffee or by having a caffeine-filled energy drink. Since there are so many options for obtaining a cup of java, here are some ideas on how to save money on your daily cup of coffee while in college:

A. Buy a drip coffee maker. This one step will save you a lot of money on your college coffee habit. Instead of buying a daily cup of joe at your favorite coffee shop or fast food joint (Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc), brew your own cup in your dorm room. If multiple people in your dorm want a cup of coffee, you may want to consider buying a drip coffee maker. The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is an economical choice. With a hot cup of coffee averaging about $2.00 (including tax) at Dunkin Donuts, by brewing your own coffee, you would have paid off the coffeemaker after making 10 cups of your own coffee. With a 12 cup drip coffee maker, 5-6 other dorm mates can also have a cup of coffee, and maybe they will be grateful enough to chip in some money for buying coffee grinds and coffee filters (place a tip jar next to the coffee pot as a reminder).

Dunkin Donuts Hot Coffee Prices (year 2017)
Small $1.59
Medium $1.89
Large $2.09
X-Large $2.29

Starbucks Hot Coffee Prices (year 2017)
Tall $1.85
Grande $2.10
Venti $2.45

McDonald's Hot Coffee Prices (year 2017)
Small $1.00
Medium $1.29
Large $1.49

B. Buy a Keurig. If you just want to brew a quick cup of coffee for yourself, then buying a Keurig is a good idea. With a Keurig, you can easily and quickly brew a 8-12 oz of coffee in the morning and not take a lot of time doing it. The only thing with using Keurig, the cost of the pods can quickly add up. Using a pod is easy and fast, but they are not environmentally friendly, and they are not the most economically priced. After a week of using coffee pods, you will end up with a garbage basket full of plastic pods that will then end up in a landfill. A better way to brew coffee with a Keurig is to use the Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter. Make sure to use the Keurig brand reusable filter, as the machine may not work with a generic brand. I have the Keurig K475 coffee maker, and when I tried to use a generic reusable pod, the machine would give me an error, and it would not brew coffee. In order for the Keurig to brew coffee with a generic reusable filter, I had to peel the top off an approved pre-filled pod, and place it over the top of the generic reusable filter. This worked until I got my Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.

Here's the economics of brewing coffee using my favorite coffee grinds and a Reusable Keurig Filter
Tip - the Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter holds 0.5 ounces of coffee grinds.

Chock Full O Nuts Ground Coffee, Original Blend, 48 Ounce - This coffee tastes great, and it will provide you with 96 cups of coffee using the reusable K-cup coffee filter. This brings your cost for 1 cup of coffee to $0.20.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Dark Roast, Whole Bean - If you want a premium and delicious cup of coffee, go for the kick ass kicking horse coffee. This coffee comes as a whole bean so you will need to buy a coffee grinder. A grinder that works very well is the KRUPS coffee grinder. Keep in mind that you do not want to be grinding your coffee beans at a time when your roommate is sleeping. You do not want to turn your roommate into your mortal enemy by waking them up with the sound of your coffee beans grinding. For optimum brewing with your Keurig and coffee filter, you want to make a medium grind. A too fine of a grind will allow some coffee to pass through the filter, and you will end up with swallowing coffee grinds on your last sip. A too course grind will water down the flavor of this wonderful coffee. Shoot for a medium grind, and you will end up falling in love with this coffee.

trücup Low Acid Coffee - If you suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, or other digestive issues, you have to try this coffee. A friend of mine suffers from acid reflux, and when he switched to this coffee, he noticed a big difference in his symptoms. By having one cup of trücup Low Acid Coffee every morning, he was able to enjoy coffee without any symptoms of acid reflux. This is the only coffee that I enjoy drinking black without any cream or milk. It has a smooth, mild flavor.