How To Survive Your Thanksgiving Holiday

If you're in college, this week you're looking at a few days where school will be closed for Thanksgiving. Most likely you're heading home to spend time with family. You might even have extended family coming over for the yearly turkey dinner. If this gives you butterflies of anxiety in your stomach, here are a few ideas of surviving Thanksgiving:

  1. Play a game - With most families, playing a game can get everyone in a good mood. One game that can break the ice is Sequence. This board game is easy to learn and not likely to result in an all out brawl. The board has a multitude of cards printed in a rectangular pattern. Each player is dealt a certain amount of deck cards depending if playing single or in teams. The idea is to use the cards to place a token on the corresponding board card to form a sequence (linear or diagonal). As I said, it's very easy but fun at the same time. Plus, it might take your mind off the family tension in the next room over.

  2. If talking to family members is not an option, consider watching a movie. A funny movie to get everyone in your family in a good mood, but maybe not the younger ones, is Planes, Trains and Automobiles. It's an oldie, released in 2000, but it's hilarious. It stars Steve Martin and John Candy. The premise is that Neal Page (Martin) is travelling home to Chicago for Thanksgiving. His flight is re-routed to Wichita where he encounters Del Griffith (Candy), a boisterous salesman. Together, they use multiple forms of transportation to journey to Chicago. The result is a comedic adventure that will result in laughs for the whole family.

  3. Flee after Thanksgiving dinner to a friend's house. If the thought of spending hours with family gives you an ulcer, your best bet may be to visit friends you haven't seen while in college. You'll have a chance to catch up without the family around.

I wish everyone a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday.