Host A Back To School Supply Drive

If you're a college club, sorority, or fraternity who wants to give back to your local community, consider hosting a Back to School Supply Drive. If you're like most college students, you have some three ring binders laying around from last semester's loose leaf textbooks. If you want to clean up your dorm room by donating your new or lightly used school supplies, consider organizing a Back to School Supply Drive.

Here is a list of school supplies that your supply drive could ask for (you only want to collect items in New or Like New condition):

Flash/Thumb Drives
Loose Leaf Paper
Boxes of crayons
The best time to set up a back to school supply drive is to host one on campus before the end of spring semester. Fellow classmates are starting to think of packing up their dorm rooms, and they know which of their own school supplies they have not used. Here are some steps to take in hosting your back to school supply drive.

  1. Contact a local primary school (most likely grades kindergarten to 5th grade), and see what supplies their students are in most need of.
  2. Coordinate with the local primary school to determine a location where the school supplies will be delivered and stored after your event.
  3. Recruit fellow club, sorority, or fraternity members to help assist in your school supply drive.
  4. Collect the school supplies that were most in need and sort the supplies once collected.
  5. Deliver the donated school supplies to the predetermined location where the supplies are to be stored prior to the school distributing the needed supplies to students.

Not only will you be helping the local schoolchildren in your community, you can add the organization of the event to your college resume. It will also bring recognition to your college club, fraternity, or sorority from the local community and fellow classmates.