Healthy Alternatives to Sugar Filled Soda

The amount of sugar in soda is rather unbelievable when the size of the can is considered. One small 12 oz can of Coca Cola has 39 grams of sugar in it. The daily recommended amount of sugar for women is 25 grams, and the daily recommended amount of sugar for men is 38 grams. Just drinking one 12 oz can of Coke will exceed the recommended daily sugar intake for both men and women.

The two drinks that I love and drink on a regular basis that contain absolutely zero sugar are:

Dasani Sparkling Berry - This berry flavored sparkling beverage from Dasani is unsweeted, but it has a tasty, creamy flavor. If you are a fan of cream soda, root beer, or orange soda, this drink might appeal to you. For not having any sugar, it tastes very good. The only ingredients are:

Carbonated Water and Natural Flavors

It's best served cold, and if you like it, you'll want to buy more. I can never have enough of this stuff in my fridge. The cans are tall and cylindrical - narrower than your average soda can. And a box comes with quantity of 8 instead of the normal quantity 12.

Hint Water, Blood Orange Flavor - This beverage was a new one for me. It's not carbonated. If the sugar sweetened drinks are your thing, this might be a healthier replacement. I've tried it, and I like it. I've had someone tell me they think Hint Water, Blood Orange Flavor tastes like Fruit Loops. That's quite a feat considering that there is absolutely no sugar included. This drink is gluten free, preservative free, with no artificial sweeteners. I'm not a fan of artificial sweeteners, so this drink really appeals to me.

I hope you find these healthier drinks as tasty as I do. By cutting out the sugar in my drinks, I feel healthier, I have less cavities, and I am able to maintain my weight.